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Beekeeping course 29th Sept near Lanseria

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Go through the 1st Robot, Turn right into Witch Hazel Ave. Continue through 4 traffic Circles.

Pass Eco Boulevard shopping centre. Find Eco Square at the 2nd entrance on the right.

We are unit #20 in the top right hand corner!

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Bees, Honey & Beekeeping: Updated March 2015

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5th Jan 2016

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Our Easy Buzzing Bee Course will be on again with the next date 5th Sept registration Open!


See the Bee Course section for more info...

Please send through proof of payment to ensure you secure your place and avoid disappointment. P.S. Monsterpay.com has changed their payment processign system by removing the Online E commerce MALL which means many of our purchasing links are not working at present! Email us if you have problems.

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Beekeeping News - 12th May 2015

Monday - Friday 9h00 - 16h00 | SAT 09h00 - 12h00

We Celebrated our 1st Year in Retail @ Centurion Shop!

We have moved to our new store @ 298 Witch Hazel, Unit #20, Eco Square, Eco Park, Highveld, Centurion!

It's an exciting new store with all of our stock and new stock too!


Management is BACK from OVERSEAS from the Biggest Beekeeping conference in the world!

Warrick is away travelling to the Ukraine to experience the BIGGEST gathering of Beekeeping scientists, commentators, commerical operators and producers in the WORLD!

Apimondia 2013 in Ukraine is said to be drawing over 10,000 people this year with amazing exhibits, functions and all things bee! I look forward to bringing back as much of the experience as I can to be able to share it with all my customers, friends and subscribers.

THE SHOP IS OPEN 09h00 - 16h00 from Mon to Friday!
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Queen excluders available

Honey Extractors Now available!

We are supplying Electric Honey Extractor

We also supply electric 8 frame and 12 frame honey extractors

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Visit Honey Extractor page for more info.

We also stock 3, 4 & 6 frame manual honey extractors with stainless steel drums & honeygate taps included!

Beekeeping Project Training

We have assisted new beekeeping projects to get off the ground by providing over 20 years of beekeeping experience and knowledge as well as all of the beekeeping equipment required to make a beekeeping project successful!

We now provide advisory and support services to the development of beekeeping projects as well as the setting up of new community and rural projects.

To get more information regarding these services email sales@beeware.co.za or call 012 771 4288 and 012 771 2357 in office hours!

2010 Beekeeping Goal Update - 31 DEC 2013

We have been distracted from the goal of achieving 100 bee colonies this year due to a number of other projects coming up. However, we have regularly been catching bee colonies and splitting honeybee colonies using our Honeybee Colony Splitter method found in our ebook on www.beebooks.co.za.

We should be on about 75 colonies at present despite the lack of proactive beekeeping of late.

2010 Beekeeping Goal Update - 31 Oct 2012

We have been distracted from the goal of achieving 100 bee colonies this year due to a number of other projects coming up. However, we have regularly been catching bee colonies and splitting honeybee colonies using our Honeybee Colony Splitter method found in our ebook on www.beebooks.co.za.

We should be on about 65 colonies at present despite the lack of proactive beekeeping of late.

2010 Beekeeping Goal Update - 31 Dec 2010

We officially have 40 bee colonies in our new commericial honey farming project. We will continue to split our trap box colonies until the end of January 2011. At this stage however, we will be forced to feed them.

Any new queen bees, from the next split, will only start laying end of February which leaves Summer in the 11th hour and very low sources of nectar for bees.

We will be making smaller breeding boxes for these purposes in order to multiply the process but also keep the volume of space minimal for small colonies to manage as things get cooler at night.

All these rainy days also halt production of honey as bees caont fly in rain. No gathering of nectar and pollen puts a strain the store in the hive.

Beekeeping Videos Update!

See below the wax moth video we took of our apiary site in Midrand where two wax moths came out of a trap box we smoked.

View Wax Moth Video

Splitting Queen Cell Video

Splitting queen bee cell we discovered upon hive inspection was then used to create another bee hive!

View Splitting Queen Bee Video

Trap Box Set Up Video

See our Trap box set up for catching trekking honeybee swarms during the Spring and Summer of 2010.

View Trap Box Setup Video
Apiary Visit Mpumalanga 10th Nov

The visit to the orchard in Mpumalanga proved to be good. We didn't harvest as much honey as expected as the November nectar flow hadn't actually started on the Macadamia orchard with the flowers having aborted due to a few days being above 40 degrees celsius

Nonetheless, we relocated 2 very heavy bee boxes off the shed roof which was a mission and a half. I took a sting to the ankle as with all of the up and down of the roof and the bakkie my legging on the right side edged up and over my hiking boots and exposed prime target for a lone defender! Damn it was a painful sting. I've had a few in my beekeeping lifetime but this one was special.

Dose up with 3 Allergex tablets once the work was complete and all was swell! Can say that again... My foot looked like the makings of "Michelin Man". It was extremely sensitive the day afterwards with throbbing while working on the apiary.

Apiary site MAcadamia Orchard

We did add supers on to brood chambers with 8-10 frames full with queen excluders. We also split 5 new colonies using our Honeybee Colony Creator method from the Mini Report.

So, where we didn't gain in honey we should gain in additional colonies. After starting off at the new sites with only 2 colonies at the beginning of the 2010 season, we have developed up to 34 thriving honeybee colonies at present.

Our target by the end of 2011 is to have 300 bee hives under management. With a decent capacity of around 40 established honeybee colonies by July 2011 we aim to split and breed queen bees on a serious note.

We will also capture about 20-30 bee colonies in general if this year is to be the average, across 4 sites. Obviously, we will be using many more sites by then which provide about 5 new colonies per site per month. We will be taking full advantage of this.

Our we would need to breed about 240 queen bee cells to reach our target of 300 colonies by this time nexrt year. At some stage we aim to offer a special Queen Rearing course in 2011.

At this stage, it is still in development while we practice the different methods and fine tune the process for you. It will consist of a number of Saturdays due to the nature of the queen rearing process being conducted over a rough period of 16 days. So keep this Queen Rearing course in mind for 2011.

We will be launching an online Beekeeping Course in Video format which you can download from anywhere. It will take a long time to download it but it will be well worth it! Estimated Launch date is 12th December 2010.

Apiary Visit Hekpoort 2nd Nov

The shop won't be open on the 2nd of November as we are heading out to our apiary in Hekpoort to harvest honey and do splitting. If you have an order for beekeeping goods, please email it through and we will service it on Wednesday!

Get ready for the next nectar flow in November!!

Apiary Visit Mpumalanga 9th & 10th Nov

The shop won't be open on the 9th & 10th of November as we are heading out to our apiary in Mpumalanga to harvest honey and do splitting. If you have an order for beekeeping goods, please email it through and we will service it on Thursday 11th November!

Jackson Hive Videos - 20th OCT

Check out our recent BEEKEEPING VIDEO while working on Jackson hive harvest while assisting Tim Jackson at his apiary. Tim designed the Jackson hive using experience of over 30 years of observation keeping bees throughout Africa...

Also some new prices have been introduced with increases we cannot keep from happening after 2 years on our bee suits and bee jackets, bee hives, blue book and queen excluders.

Wednesday 6th October.

Apiary site visit in Mpumalanga which includes a stay over. We will be taking another 10 catch boxes to the apiary site to make good on the honeybee season where colonies split naturally this time of year!

We put these 10 Swarm Catcher boxes out on Tuesday morning at 9h30 and the weather was pretty overcast. We left at 10h30 and arrived home around 15h00. By 17h30 the farmer called to find out if we have arrived safely and to tell us that bees had already moved into one of our Swarm catcher boxes!

A new Honeybee Swarm in less than 12 hours!! Believe it! Discover the secrets of becoming a Swarm Catcher now!

August 26th

Just did a bee removal around Midrand area from inside an unused electric box. The box door had come loose so the bees moved in to a beautiful mansion they now call their home!

A fairly painless bee removal followed. The trick now is to see if they stay or not. Nonetheless, I found some honey and taken a video of this. Maybe around 1Kg of honey. But more interestingly was the evidence of a queen cell being drawn out. I've taken some video of the queen cell. Hopefully it is clear.

I've also taken some video of my low tech honey harvesting technique after a bee removal. Generally there is a misconception that bee removals enjoy large quantities of honey and that's why beekeepers should be happy to do this service for free... It is not my experience that there is enough honey on average to even cover the petrol used nowadays to get to and from a bee removal site.

Check out the 2 new bee videos below:

#1 bee video is of my low tech honey extracting method .

#2 bee video is of the small packet of honey extracted from the bee removal and the small queen cell.

We are going to put a bee video section on the site soon! Watch this space...

August 17th

We recently did apiary work at 3 of our honeybee sites:

Apiary #1: Farm in Muldersdrift with small peach orchard just about to start blossoming. Loads of trees in neighbourhood. We transferred 2 wild swarms - 1 in a fruit box and the other in a tyre stack - into our beehives and gave them sugar water to get them strong for the spring nectar flow. Great opportunity to get free bees!

We placed loads of trap boxes high up on sheds and container rooves and baited the honey bee boxes.

Apiary #2: Out in Mpumalanga we visited the new apiary site there and to our delight found 3 new swarms had colonised our trap hives. We even split a bee hive swarm while we were up there. Naturally, stronger honeybee colonies will tend to prepare to split now.

Please ensure you actively inspect your beehives NOW to avoid losing part of your swarm to splitting. Rather use any queen cells to make new honey bee colonies. You can read more about this in the Honeybee Colony Creator Mini Report.

We found the queen bee while splitting the bee hive this time!

Apiary #3: A smallholding in Muldersdrift with wild flora and trees on site. Old honeybee hives not serviced and partially burnt needed serious servicing! I even found a spider with black and red colouring inside the hive with its web across a frame.

Loads of propolis on the propolis trap which is a fair sign of a strong colony. Could not find the queen bee however but tiny eggs were present which means she is about and laying.

Loads of hive beetles present on these two old bee hives which is due to the swarms being a) small in the one hive and b) the other hive has wholes everywhere...

At all of the apiary sites, we have been active in making sure the brush and debri is cut and cleared away to avoid losses due to fire. Also, it is important to keep snakes from making home under your beehive too.

Now the contract at BHP Billiton has come to an end. The shop isnow open from 10h00 until 17h00 during the week. But please ring before you come to check on availability of stock.

Check our Bee course video demo below:


May 10th - July 30th

I am currently contracted to train at BHP Billiton Metalloys in Meyerton no a major project until end of July 2010. As such postal orders or mail orders carry on as per usual however trading times are strictly by appointment during the week.

Weekend times are generally between 9am and 13h00 by arrangement as well. Please be patient with our current position as it is now very quiet in the beekeeping industry in SA and so we balance the low activity by running other projects as they arise.

Please email orders to info@beeware.co.za and we will attend to them within 24 hours. Apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time.

1st March to 24th April

I am currently contracted to work at BHP Billiton on a major project from the 1st March 2010 until the 24th April 2010. Due to this contract and the working hours involved being during the week days, I am only able to accept collections or visits over the weekend.

Please note we are certainly able to accept email orders as well as mail orders. Collections will have to be confirmed in writing. I will not be available on the phone either during the contract. So, please email me on info@ beeware.co.za for any enquiries.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with regards to any inconvenience caused.

February 1st - Shop closed until 3rd Feb

I recently visited my apiary site in Mpumalanga province and made videos -without audio- of a hive inspection. It's short and sweet but makes for a brief look into beekeeping...

Our first bee video attempt went quite well except we haven't included any audio this time round. So, hope you enjoy the basic footage...

February 1st - Shop closed until 3rd Feb

I will be going to Mpumalanga on the 1st to 3rd of February and the shop will not be open for these three days. Be sure to send me orders for beekeeping equipment via email in the meantime & I will attend to them upon my return.

I am going to do Apiary work on a site before the new season comes into proper effect and between rainy weather.

January 27th

It has been raining non stop everyday in Gauteng for like 2 weeks! This is crazy. It will have an effect on the harvesting for your bees with so much rain. They can't fly when it's raining...

Our first bee course lunch braai was almost washed out! But thankfully the weather held out for our practical beekeeping demonstration at our apiary site with 4 working bee hives. We were also fortunate enough to see the queen bee as well.

Final summer maintenance or harvest could be conducted now but then that would be the last time